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Customer Service at Chandos Auto’s

Outstanding customer service comes down to quality of work. We provide a service to Vehicle owners by looking after their car service requirements. People do not like parting with their car, so what we do is try to minimise this inconvenience. The most important aspect in minimising the inconvenience is to ENSURE the work is carried out properly – first time, every time. Sounds simple? Actually, it is one of the most difficult things to do, especially in our industry. People expect the car to be serviced and repaired correctly the first time. If they have to come back another time or wait longer than they should, they become disenchanted and lose faith in the organisation. Having all the latest equipment, the cleanest workshop and a cappuccino machine in the waiting room is nice but it is not a ticket for quality work.

The way we deliver outstanding customer service is to concentrate not on the customer, but on the employee. The motor industry suffers from traditional bad, autocratic management principles, by treating staff poorly and paying low wages. If the staff are happy, the job will get done properly. We recruit extremely carefully and very skillfully and pay top salaries accordingly. We treat all staff equally. They are constantly trained and kept up to date on latest developments; they are encouraged to help one another, especially if someone is struggling with a job; we have regular meetings to find out problems, improve the organisation and discuss ‘wish-lists’; they are allowed to have their mobile phones switched on; and most importantly, they are treated with equal respect. These are some of many reasons why our staff produces good work.

One reason why poor quality can eventuate is when someone has a ‘sickie’ and the other staff members have to work harder to fill the gap. Forcing people to work harder and faster is a recipe for poor quality. Our staff do not take sickies! Why? Because they are comfortable in coming to work each morning.

Quality is one reason for outstanding service, but of course it is not the only reason. Minimising the time a customer has to wait once they have arrived to pick up their car is another reason for our success. If we say that the car will be ready at 4:00 PM, then it will be, invoice on the counter.

There are many other things we do which make a difference. It’s the extra time we spend on ensuring that the car is right. Most places are under pressure to maximise productivity, here,we don’t mind if the job takes a little longer. We may lose a little profit, but at least the satisfied customer will come back next time (and may even tell a friend).

So there you have it. Some of our incredible reasons for success. I say this in a very sarcastic way because incredible it isn’t. Common sense and logic it is. It is difficult to describe every single reason, but what I can tell you is that I come to work happy, because everyone else around me is happy. If we look after the workers – they’ll look after the customers. That’s our success in delivering outstanding customer service.

We are based in Cheltenham, but we are not limited to just one place and offer car service and repairs for residents of Beaumaris, Black Rock, Sandringham, Highett and the surrounding areas. Call us on 03 9584 3232 to booking.